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 In December 1998 it was  reported that 127 Airbikes were flying, the majority as US unregistered ultralights. In July 2009 there were 45 Airbikes registered as experimental amateur builds or light sport aircraft in the USA



Unfortunately I will cease trading at the end of 2015.

I will continue to support my customers, and help anyone who wishes to purchase kits, parts or require information
on the Airbike. I will also maintain this website

My AirBike demonstrator and trailer is up for sale.
Please contact me for details

John Riley 9/11/2015

  AirBikeUK are now the UK dealer for all Team Mini-Max kits and products


Introducing the SuperMax

Everything but the paint $16,500.
          1.       85 mph cruise

         2.       1000 fpm climb

         3.       28 inch wide body

         4.       Low wing

         5.       Split elevator

         6.       Full VW 2180cc 72HP

         7.       Dual ignition

         8.       Instruments

         9.       Steel main gear

         10.   Fabric

         11.   Fibreglass cowl

         12.   Wheel pants (Spats)

         13.   Brakes

         14.   Prop

Performance figures are provisional



G-ISON is now flying with a Rotax 447 and wing fold mod.


Great news the new rules for SSDR are out.
see this link


The new rules for SSDR in the UK are due to be published this month. I have modified the AirBike so that it conforms to the new rules. The design MAUW of the AirBike is  
254kgs (560lbs), under the new rules we can build to this.
With a 40HP engine, a 17st (240lb) pilot can now fly the AirBike.
I have fitted the wing fold mechanism, I can now rig on my own.
and fitted a Rotax 447 engine. Here are some pics of my AirBike
with wings folded in the hangar.

Starboard side Rotax 447

Port side Rotax 447

Wing fold detail

Starboard side wings folded

Port side wings folded


Single seat deregulation consultation now open

You can add your comments on the CAA website.



Good news for people who want to fit BRS to their SSDR's.
I received this information last week.

As a result of engagement with various sectors of the GA community, the CAA is currently considering increasing the maximum current weight of 115kg of Single-Seat De-Regulated (SSDR) microlight aeroplanes to accommodate the installation of small ballistic recovery systems. It is anticipated the maximum weight allowed with a ballistic recovery system will be in the region of 122-125kg, but the final figure has yet to be determined. The higher weight will only be allowed if a ballistic recovery system is installed.

Also great news for Electric powered flight, this could make a real difference.


Additionally, consideration is also being given to allowing batteries to be added as electric fuel cells. It would be proposed the weight of any batteries fitted are excluded from the maximum weight(s) but that they are included in the maximum wing loading limitation of 10kg per square metre to maintain the original performance parameters of the SSDR category of microlight aeroplane.

The proposed changes to Article 16(2)(g) of the Air Navigation Order are anticipated in 2014, subject to normal due process.

Made the big 65 today. My sister asked my niece's husband Mike Bullot to create this card. What a fantastic job he's done.


I can now offer complete assembled wings, spars and wing ribs.
These options are only available when purchased with a kit.

The following options can be added to kits A or B
Assembled wings ready for covering £7,969.
Spars          4 off                                   £1,332.
Wing ribs   26 off                                 £2,886.

All prices include VAT


Popham was a great success

I flew the AirBike from Plaistows to Popham, indicated airspeed of 50mph, ground speed of 60mph.
I gave a demo flight then later that day I flew home, this time no wind, flight time 1hour 15mins.
After 2hours 20mins flying the engine ran perfectly, and did not require any adjustments, not even a wipe down.
See pics and videos here.


Preparing for a demo flight at Popham. As it was a warm May
day, I flew without jacket.


Fantastic news from France

There has been considerable recent progress with the identification of the Airbike as a Class 3 Monoplace ULM by the DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile) in France and that Airbike UK is expecting to be able to offer the Airbike in France from September 2013. In France the Airbike may be equipped with a 60 KV (approx. 45HP) engine and the class permits up to 300kg gross weight (5% more if equipped with a parachute). The preferred engine would be  Rotax 447.

Flew with the new engine mount, all went well.
A few more hours before I can say its a total success.


New engine mount is fitted, weather looks good for Friday, so should be testing then. Weighed the items removed, and the items fitted, good news I saved 1.5 lbs.


The new engine mount is ready to paint and fit.

Welded engine mount

Welded engine mount with Hirth radial mount.

Should be flight testing next week.
Still hopeful for flying to Popham, May 4th and 5th


Still evaluating the engine prop combination. Performance is amazing from the 28HP Hirth. See this video of me taking off in almost no wind.

YouTube Video


The LAA rally at Sywell was a great success. Back at my home airfield now and continuing with the flight testing.

                          Back home at Plaistows


I've had three flights of 20 minutes each, and am getting to know the AirBike a little. I will be adjusting the pitch of the prop to give a few hundred more revs, as I'm not reaching the revs for max power.

Great news had my first flight today.
Just a short flight, but all went well. 
Started with hops down the runway, then went for a circuit.

Video of first taxi, using the pull start as electric start not working at this time.



Great news today, did my first taxing, engine and brakes worked well. Hope to do my first flight in the next couple of days.

All turnbuckles wirelocked. Split pins installed in cotter pins in elevator  and rudder. Rudder and elevator stops fitted.


Wings and tail fitted. Registration letters fitted. Fuel tank fitted. Pitot tube fitted.
Only windshield remains to be be fitted.

Getting ready for the first flight


Took AirBike to airfield, started reassembly.

The build of G-ISON is complete. I finished spraying today, all jobs are complete, so its off to the airfield to assemble.
The wings and tail section have been assembled before, the only job of note left is fitting the windshield.

Instruments are complete.

Struts and fuselage painted. Wings and tail section primed. 


I have almost completed weighing. Today I weighed the wings, good news, they came in as expected at 40lbs for the port wing wing, and 45lbs for the starboard one which has the fuel tank.
So only paint to add for the wings and tail, and I have 11lbs to spare. I did plan on only having two light coats of cellulose, so I should still be OK. I'll only be happy when its weighed using a calibrated scale, when I do this I'll do the weight and balance.


Wings, ailerons and tail feathers covered and doped. Now for painting. To keep the weight down I think I will use two light coats of cellulose. I'll start weighing each item next week.
First flight still on target for July.

Wings have been attached, dihedral and washout set, struts drilled and bolted. Now to cover the wings. I'll be using lightweight ceconite, with 2 coats of dope, and one coat of paint. Soon be at the exciting stage of weighing.

I will be taking the fuselage to Popham 5/6th May.
Wings are assembled but not covered.

Decided on using the Hirth F33, with a 60" GSC ground adjustable Prop. Good quality, well documented, installation is straight forward. Excellent power to weight to weight ratio.
Electric start, engine monitoring includes, Tacho, CHT and EGT.

Currently looking at engine options,
MZ34 is preferred at present.
Hirth F23
Simonini Mini3
I'd love to fit a 4 stroke but it needs to be <60lbs.
The V twin Briggs & Stratton looks nice, or Solo 35.

I have just finished pricing, although the exchange rate makes things variable, I can offer a complete kit for the SSDR at less than £10,000. Thats everything except paint.

Looks like I can have a flying AirBike at Popham 2012.
Things are progressing well, there is another UK builder, so you could see a formation of AirBikes at Popham, plus I'll have my Minimax, Hmmm what shall I fly.

12/10/2011  I registered the first AirbikeUK-Lite SSDR with CAA
Wayne Ison was pleased to give his permission to use his name.
Having my first aeroplane with his name as the Registration is an honour.

AirBikeUK - Lite

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