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 Fuselage 06-05-2012

This is the progress of my AirBike G-ISON SSDR

Section one the Fuselage and tail
So far the Fuselage and steel assemblies are complete
and painted

Section two the Wings
The wings are assembled, varnished and both wings have been covered and doped ready for painting.
Wing tips have been fitted
Wing fuel tank fitted
Struts are complete and etch primed. Wings and struts have been fitted to fuselage prior to covering.

Wings varnished

Wing ready for covering

cover under surface first

Wing covering complete

Aileron half covered

Aileron covered

Section three Undercarriage and brakes
Undercarriage complete and painted
Brakes complete and adjusted, components weighed.
Initial setup will be two levers on the control stick, parts are standard MTB disc brakes. Total weight of both discs, calipers, levers, brackets and cables is 1.3kgs.

Brake side view

Brake end view

Popham trade fair
Section four Engine fuel system and Propeller

I have the engine a Hirth F33, 28HP with Electric start.         with a GSC 60" ground adjustable propeller.
The exhaust is complete.
Engine and exhaust are installed.
Fuel system complete, gravity fed system with a pulse pump for added flow. 

Spinner and cowling complete
Section five instumentation and electrics
Engine instuments fitted and tested, electrics panel completed and tested.

Section six Covering and painting
I will supply the kits with 1.7oz Dacron, which is lightly doped and painted, I have used this on G-ISON.
 All wings and tail section covered and doped ready for painting.
I will use a cellulose paint, one primer and two top coats.

Brakes complete
Section seven controls and rigging
Rudder and elevator complete and setup.
Ailerons fitted, full travel attained. 

Fabric complete, doped but not yet painted

Fabric complete, doped and painted

Flight Instruments

Complete Panel

Flight Instruments and engine

Tail assembled

Fuel Tank cover

AirBikie assembled

Underwing Registration

G-ISON Tail registration

       Stay wires and harness attach

 Tail complete

 Wing Tip

Engine Running

Front view

The big day, the first flight was on 28/8/2012
As of today I have had three flights of 20 minutes each. Some fine tuning required but its an amazing aeroplane.
The Sywell Rally was a great success, report to follow.

At the LAA Rally Sywell 2012

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